How to Access ssh Amazon EC2 instance using Putty

Connect EC2 Instance using Putty. We will see How to connect EC2 Instance… | by Vivek Gupta | Medium

PuTTY is an SSH and Telnet consumer, which was developed for the Windows platform by Simon Tatham. Right hereon this weblog, I can be offering detailed steerage with the intention to use PuTTY for connecting to the Amazon EC2 instance.

What’s the pre requisition earlier than you utilize PuTTY to hook up with your Amazon EC2 instance?

So, earlier than you view this weblogyou must have already created your EC2 occasionAdditionallyyou must have downloaded ‘putty’ and ‘puttygen’ in your PC. It may be useful to acquire data about PuTTY earlier than you dive into the weblog.

Therefore, for downloading ‘putty’ and ‘puttygen’, and to acquire data about PuTTY you possibly can take reference to my earlier weblog which has been offered under.

Stepwise procedure to connect to Amazon EC2 instance using PuTTY

.ppk) File

    1. Download and install PuTTY.
    2. Open the folder that PuTTY was installed to (default path is C: > Program Files > PuTTY).
    3. Double-click on the file puttygen.exe.
    1. In PuTTY Key Generator, click the Load button and navigate to the folder that contains the private key file (.pem) created during the EC2 configuration process.
Click Load in the PuTTY Key Generator.
    1. Click on the PuTTY Private Key Files button in the lower-right corner of the window and select All Files (*.*).
Select All Files in PuTTY Private Key Files
    1. Select your private key file (.pem) and click Open.
Select and open your private key.
    1. Click OK to close the PuTTYgen Notice pop-up window.
PuTTYgen Notice
    1. In PuTTY Key Generator, make sure Type of key to generate value is set to RSA.
Generate RSA key.
    1. Click Save private key and then Yes to close the PuTTYgen Warning pop-up.
PuTTYgen Warning
    1. Navigate to the location you want to store your PuTTY Private Key file (.ppk) and give it a name.
    2. Click Save.
    3. Close the PuTTY Key Generator window.
Give your PuTTY Private Key file a name

Connect to EC2

    1. Open PuTTY by clicking on the desktop icon or the putty.exe file in the PuTTY folder.
    2. In the Host Name (or IP address) box, type “[email protected]_public_DNS” (1).

Note: The Public DNS for your instance is displayed in AWS in the EC2 Management Console Instance Description in the middle of the screen.

    1. Make sure:
      • Port is set to 22 (2).
      • Connection type is SSH (3).
    2. In the Category pane on the left of the PuTTY Configuration window, under Connection, click on the + next to SSH to expand the choices (4), then click on Auth (5).
    3. Under Authentication parameters, click Browse and navigate to the directory where your PuTTY Private Key (.ppk) file is located (6).
      • Click on the (.ppk) file to select it.
    4. Click Open.

Note: If you want to save these settings to use later, navigate to Sessions in the PuTTY Category tree. Enter a name in the Saved Sessions box and click Save on the right.

    1. Click Open in PuTTY Configuration to connect to your Instance.
      • If this is the first time you have connected to your Instance, a PuTTY Security Alert will ask you whether to proceed with the connection.
      • Click Yes to complete the connection.
      • The EC2 Instance window will appear (black screen below).
PuTTY Configuration window.
PuTTY Configuration window.
PuTTY Security Alert
You are now connected to your EC2 Instance

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