Testing your influence in Twitter using Klout

Sun sets on social influence ranking service Klout

As you may know, Twitter has more influence that Facebook; although Facebook have more users, it just doesn’t have the same influence that Twitter has. That’s why having followers in Twitter is more important that having friends in Facebook, and Klout is the service that we’re using to test this.


Klout is a free online service that has become a standard in several apps to measure, in a 1 to 100 scale, your influence in Twitter. To measure you, it uses an algorithm to know how many of your followers really “listen” to you (RT, Mentions, Messages…), it also works by how many followers do you currently have.

I tested it with a friend of mine, and the difference is obvious.


There are two main difference that affect this numbers:

Her account is over two years old, mine is barely a year
Her account is public, mine is private
Many Twitter apps use this service: HootSuite, Seesmic and Appsfire are just three of them. Remember, the influence is based in how you use Twitter, if you are new here, read this tips, you may find them helpful.

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